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Shari : Wynston

Published on December 18, 2023.

Story from Shari : Wynston

Wynston has had a rough run in his short 4 years of life. We have been through 3 surgeries in that time. He has had 2 knee surgeries and then 5 months ago unfortunately we went through IVDD spinal surgery. I have to say this was the toughest thing I’ve ever experienced. But Wynston is an absolute trooper and he has the best personality and spunk.

We have definitely had to adjust a lot of things in our lives, but Wynston’s spunk is still strong and he is honestly the best.

We live on the Central Coast and the local oldies absolutely love him, they regularly catch up on his progress over our morning coffee at our local coffee shop. We were even given an envelope a couple weeks ago, where the local ladies put together a few dollars each to contribute to his Hydrotherapy, the amount didn’t cover the cost of one session but the community spirit and the concern that they have for Wynston literally brought tears to my eyes.

We have been having regular Hydrotherapy sessions to try and get his strength in his hind legs back. Unfortunately this may be his new normal but we will still continue the therapy in hopes it continues to help him and his therapist Sarah is brilliant with him.


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