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Shane : Lily

Published on December 18, 2023.

Story from Shane : Lily

Lily had damage caused to her knee after a failed knee reconstruction (at another vet).  Dr John was our hero. He not only fixed the damage and re-did the knee reconstruction but gave us our girl back with her leg now functional.

We spent the entire period of Covid looking after and taking her to hydrotherapy under the watchful eye of John who guided us through her recovery and took every one of our calls.  Lily spent last Christmas in hospital after eating a “monkey seed”.  Your wonderful team researched and called botanists to help our baby while we cried that she might not make it.

Lily recovered and came home on Christmas Day. Our Christmas miracle.

She then went in for knee surgery with John for the other knee and the amazing work he did was evident when she recovered quickly and was back to her beautiful self.  We can express our gratitude for the care and respect to both us and Lily.  She is our baby and the light of our lives.  We would never hesitate to make the hour and half drive to bring her back for any treatment or recommend your practice.  Your staff are always caring and friendly and are always happy to take our calls.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.  As much as we love you, we intend to spend a Christmas on our own this year.

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