Your pet may be referred to the surgery service at SASH for a number of reasons:

  1. • the expertise of a specialist is required for a specific operation, including knee reconstruction, spinal and brain surgery or chest surgery
  2. • your pet’s condition may need help diagnosing

After surgery, comes recovery. And a huge part of any successful recovery is excellent pain relief and nursing. At SASH, vets and nurses work 24 hours a day, so you can be guaranteed your pet is receiving the best possible care to result in a speedy and comfortable recovery.

At SASH, Dr Colin Dunlop (a specialist in veterinary anaesthesia) consults on anaesthesia and pain management. We feel we have excellent pain management strategies including epidurals and continuous intravenous pain control.

SASH also has medical specialists on hand for complex surgical cases, where they may be needed for blood and plasma transfusions, fluid therapy, oxygen supplementation or nutritional support.

If your pet is diagnosed with a form of cancer, the medicine, surgery and oncology staff will together make sure you have the information you need to then decide on the best treatment for your pet.

SASH has the expertise to cope with unusual or complicated surgeries. Not only do they care about the animals but they care about the owners as well.

– Lynne Bizzaca, owner of Basil, who successfully had a tumour removed from his spinal canal.

Meet the surgery team at SASH here.