Canine Blood Bank

As a 24-hour emergency and referral hospital, SASH sees more patients requiring life-saving blood transfusions than most veterinary practices. Having identified the need for an in-house blood bank service to meet the ever growing demand for blood transfusions in seriously ill patients, SASH established its own in-house canine blood bank back in 2007. What initially started out as a handful of SASH’s dedicated staff volunteering their own dogs to donate blood has now grown to over 100 privately owned dogs on the SASH canine donor list.

With a staff of dedicated veterinary specialists, emergency veterinarians and highly trained nurses, SASH sees a wide variety of cases requiring life-saving blood transfusions for acute bleeding or anaemia. Dogs that are victims of trauma, poisonings, auto-immune disease or bleeding associated with surgery all depend on blood donated by healthy dogs. Your dog could become a blood donor and can help save the life of those in need!

Could your dog become a blood donor and help save the life of those in need? If your dog is:

– Healthy and up-to-date with vaccinations, heartworm prevention and worming;
– Aged between 1-7 years old;
– Weighs at least 14kg (although over 25kg is ideal) and is not overweight;
– Has no significant current or previous illness;
– Has never received a blood transfusion;
– Has a friendly and obedient demeanour; and
– Is able to lie still for 5-10mins

Then your dog could help save lives by becoming a SASH canine blood donor hero! Whether it is a one-off donation, or a regular contribution, your dog will become a life saver. For more information call SASH on (02) 9889-0289 or e-mail Alternatively, complete the SASH bloodbank interest form.