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#sashcancerhero: Zarr: Zarr

Published on November 2, 2022.

Story from #sashcancerhero: Zarr: Zarr

Zarr went in for a CT on his hips, where they incidentally found his prostate to be enlarged. Further ultrasound and testing revealed our worst fear, Zarr had a tumour on his prostate. Which was devastating as our family had already lost a love doggo to prostate cancer.

Amazingly we we able to have a phone consult with Dr Elias Gumpel and made the decision to send Zarr from Adelaide to Sydney for radiotherapy.

We were worried sick about him travelling and being away from home for 5 weeks. Jetpets and SASH were amazing and reassuring.

Zarr underwent 5 weeks at SASH and we were kept up to date by the wonderful staff, with photos, emails, video chats and phone calls.

We know that prostate cancer is not curable in dogs, but by catching it early and giving Zarr the gold standard in treatment, we hope to have our boy for a couple of more years to come.

He is home now living the good life, about to start the follow up chemo in a couple of weeks.

He is a trooper and loves going to the vets.

Thanks to all involved in his journey so far ❤????❤

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