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#sashcancerhero: Lianne Benson: DoraOur

Published on December 1, 2022.

Story from #sashcancerhero: Lianne Benson: DoraOur

OUR DORA (A-Dora-bull)

Southern Cross Bulldog; big head, athletic body, broad shoulders, narrow hips, wiggly stumpy tail. Has (lots of) swagger.

Dora walked into SASH a little unsure of her surroundings. Within moments of meeting Jess at reception and Dr Nic, her little tail began to wiggle, her bottom began to shake and twerk and then the whole body wiggled with happiness. She worked the swag’ and soon realised, the more she wiggled, the more cuddles and bottom scratches she would receive.

Dora’s initial prognosis was devastating. “Perhaps 4-6 weeks,” without Chemotherapy. There were no “guarantees.” Chemo would, however, give her extra time with us and a better quality of life. Dora loved to wiggle, shake and twerk and we weren’t ready to let her go.

Once a week for 19 weeks , we visited SASH for Dora’s chemo treatment. Every week she was greeted with plenty of attention and love from “all” the staff. On these visits, Dora was accompanied by her new boyfriend “Yogi” and together they would support each other during treatment sessions. Dora was greeted with bucket loads of encouragement every visit.

From the waiting room to the treatment room, Dora would hesitate; just like when dropping a child off to kindergarten for the first time. I would have to walk her to the treatment room door where she would stop, look up at me for reassurance before heading in. A cuddle at the door and off she would go.

A cuddle at the door….every visit. Every visit she would look at me for that promise I made to her when I collected her from the breeder. I promised I would do everything and anything to ensure she was given the happiest and healthiest life possible. I knew Dora trusted me to do that. I would never let her down.

“Thank you,” to Dr Nic, Dr Veronica, Jess and all the Oncology staff for all your expertise,  love, care and encouragement and for helping me to fulfil my promise to Dora. Special thanks to “Yogi” for being such a caring and supportive friend.

Dora wiggles on!

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