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#sashcancerhero: Elly Henderson: Dior

Published on November 7, 2022.

Story from #sashcancerhero: Elly Henderson: Dior

Our girl Dior (Cane Corso) has always been so happy, loves playing with her bulldog fursiblings and we nick named her scooby doo.

In 2017 she had TPLO surgery on her back right leg and all went smoothly.

August 2022 (Dior is 8) she started to limp on her front left. It would come and go and we assumed she had maybe played to rough and we put her on kennel rest.

October 2022 it became a permanent limp and we took her for xrays.

I remember saying to my husband, I have this feeling its something else as my stomach just kept turning and Dior looked so sad in the eyes.

It was a Thursday and we got the call that they took xrays and it was Osteosarcoma in her front left leg.

We immediately booked Dior into SASH for a CT scan and to see an oncologist to determine the best outcome.

On the Saturday (2 days after diagnosis) Dior was rushed to SASH Tuggerah as she fell and was crying in pain. It was absolutely heartbreaking.

The amazing team at Tuggerah put her on pain medication and IV and on the Monday we were off to SASH north Ryde for her to get a CT Scan and meet with her oncology specialist Nick.

It was confirmed she had Osteosarcoma and she has also fractured the bone. It was advised she needed immediate amputation followed by 6 rounds of chemotherapy starting on the 5th day after surgery with Joanne at Tuggerah SASH.

Dior is currently pain free and has adapted to life with 3 legs. In a weird way, it actually suits her personality.

Dior is also receiving her chemotherapy every 21 days. She has been nothing but a wonderful patient at the Vet and at home.

The specialist’s at SASH have given us more time with our girl Dior.

Osteosarcoma is nothing we had heard of before October 2022. Once we looked into and read about the signs and symptoms it made sense.

Osteosarcoma is a bone cancer and one of the most painful cancers. We were very lucky it hadn’t spread. Like any owner you just want your dog to be pain free. It is something I wish we knew about earlier. It has made me research alot more about Osteosarcoma and Chemotherapy for dogs. Along the way we have joined some fantastic groups on social media to connect with other owners going through the same or similar scenarios.

We are aware that it is a high chance it will come back, but for now we will continue to make the most amazing memories with our tripawd.

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