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#sashcancerhero: Cordelia: Buffy

Published on November 28, 2022.

Story from #sashcancerhero: Cordelia: Buffy

Buffy was just a month shy of her 12th birthday when we noticed a lump on her left shoulder, paired with a slight limp. A visit to our local vet confirmed osteosarcoma (bone cancer), and from there we were referred to the amazing specialists at SASH.

What started as a barely noticeable bump became quickly grew into a bulging lump in just a couple of weeks, so we were grateful for how quickly SASH moved! After confirming that there had been no spread of the cancer, Buffy’s left leg and shoulder were amputated. She recovered beautifully and settled well into her life of rest and relaxation, minus one leg. Tissue analysis showed indications of spread having begun, and because her cancer was looking aggressive to begin with, we played it safe and went with 4 rounds of chemo. Buffy was a legend throughout each and every round, even when her veins became tricky and she needed sedation to insert the catheter!

Unfortunately, her cancer recurred in her lymph nodes around 3 months after her final round of chemotherapy. The tumour was surgically removed and we began oral chemo, ongoing 3x per week. Buffy’s recovery from this second surgery took a lot longer than the first – she was really rattled and took a while to even start eating again. But she bounced back eventually, even started eating more and gaining a bit of weight! Bloods, x-rays and physicals remained clear – but unfortunately again, just 2 months after removing the tumour from her neck, another has occurred in exactly the same place.

After seeing Buffy’s tough recovery from the last surgery, I know I can’t put her through any more. SASH have been amazing throughout, and continue to help support me to ensure that Buffy’s quality of life is good. She is on an extra dose of oral chemo now, and we are checking in regularly to look for spread. She is a happy girl. Whatever happens, I know that I will be endlessly thankful for the expertise and care from the specialists at SASH – we have been lucky enough to see many incredible vets during our time, but a special shout out to Dr Johanna Todd and Dr Tristram Bennett. The extra time that you have given me with my gorgeous girl will never be forgotten.

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