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#sashcancerhero: Amy: Marnie

Published on November 16, 2022.

Story from #sashcancerhero: Amy: Marnie

Marnie is a beautiful staffy x who we adopted 8 years ago. One night while giving her a check over I noticed a swelling around her foot/leg, I called the vet the next morning and got her in straight away. The appointment didn’t come up with much and the sample taken wasn’t really conclusive, she was given an anti inflammatory injection and told if it’s not gone in a few days give us a call. 24 hours later it hadn’t really gone down much so I called again, I had a horrible feeling something was wrong.

At that appointment a beautiful locum vet told me that my baby had cancer and we would either need to seek treatment or manage her cancer and she likely wouldn’t see out the year.

Marnie is my baby and I love her more than life so I immediately sought out a veterinary oncologist – that’s when we met Dr Penny, she gave me hope that we would save her and was so kind and gentle in her approach.

We ultimately decided in order to give Marnie the longest best life possible that amputation was our way forward, turns out we were right – the cancer had started to spread to the lymph node which was removed during surgery.

We are now over a year post amputation and chemo – Marnie is living her best life on 3 legs, nothing stops her!

I could not have done it without the help and support of DR Penny and the team at SASH Tuggerah. I am forever in your debt. I could not imagine life without my baby girl and you gave me many more precious years with her <3

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