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Richard and Miranda : Zoe

Published on January 2, 2024.

Story from Richard and Miranda : Zoe

One of our beloved rescued hens, Zoe, aged 7 1/2 years old,  has had three surgeries for the removal of shiny metal items, which she loves. We don’t know how she finds them as we live in a rural place and we have scoured the place with a metal detector! The passionate Avian and Exotics vets at SASH have extracted them all with great success. The first two times were through abdominal incisions.

When we recently noted that her stools became abnormal and she was not herself, we were suspicious again.

Sure enough, X-rays at SASH revealed the object, a metal screw. It was felt that another third abdominal incision would be risky.

With the advantage of 5 days of a pre-operative controlled liquid based diet and the incredible skill of the vets and anaesthetist, the endoscopy with a flexible tube down the throat was successful and extracted the screw, to much joy for all.

Zoe has now returned home, safe and well, and continues to enjoy her life with her friends on the verandah during the day and a comfort on the sofa with her Mum and Dad at night.

Thank you so much to all the staff at  SASH Avian and Exotics, including Mel, Orr, Kim, Olivia  and Janet who have given the very best care for all our many rescued hens that have needed their cutting edge medical care.

We think Zoe should be fitted with a zip to her tummy!

The X-ray was before the first surgery, displaying several screws and nails in her belly.
The second photo was Dr Melinda Cowan doing the first surgery.
The third photo is of Dr Melinda with Dr Orr and an assistant and the anaesthetist performing the third surgery via the endoscopy tube.
The last pictures show Zoe with her beloved Daddy whom she just loves to hang out with at work or play. And her cheeky little portrait😍

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