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Remote Consultations

A guide for referring Veterinarians

SASH is pleased to offer remote Specialist consultation services to our referring vet partners and their clients in regional and interstate areas.

What services are covered?

Medical Oncology
Radiation Oncology
Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

How does it work?

  • You identify a patient that would benefit from a remote consultation. If you are unsure if the clinical presentation is suitable, please call our Relationship Manager Dr Tim Hopkins on (02) 9002 7290.
  • You provide a referral via our Referring Vet Portal, along with up-to-date details for the patient (including recent physical exam findings and any diagnostic results)
  • You or your client contact SASH to arrange an appointment by calling (02) 98890289 
  • A SASH Specialist will review the information provided and conduct a remote consultation with you and/or your client
  • A SASH Specialist will call you to discuss the patient and send you a detailed referral letter with treatment and/or further diagnostic recommendations
  • If feasible for your practice, all tests are performed by you at your clinic.

What information do we need?

All referrals for remote consultations must be made through our Referring Vet Portal.  If your clinic has not received log-in details or you are having issues accessing the portal, please email or call (02) 9002 7290.

To ensure we make the most informative assessment for you and your client, it is important to provide as much information as possible BEFORE the remote consultation.

We require a full patient history, your most recent physical exam findings and all supporting diagnostics (imaging, pathology, blood work etc).

Further information is also required for the following specialties:

  • Dermatology: please provide clinical photos of the animal’s skin.
  • Medical Oncology: please download and complete each section of our oncology examination form with as much information as possible from your physical examination.
  • Radiation Oncology: please provide DICOM files of any MRI or CT scans. Contact us at for file transfer details.

All completed forms and supporting information should be uploaded to our Referring Vet PortalThe remote consult can NOT proceed until this has been completed

What does my client need to do?

Once an appointment has been made, your Client will be sent a welcome email with links to our Client Portal, a consent form and any clinical forms for the relevant speciality. These will need to be filled out and returned to SASH before the consultation.

At the time of the consult, the client will be called on their mobile phone or dial-in to a video streaming service called Zoom using their mobile phone or personal computer (as agreed with the Specialist).

Payment for a remote consultation is to be made by the client at the time of booking.

What happens after the consult?

We will call your clinic to discuss the patient and send you a detailed referral letter with treatment and/or further diagnostic recommendations. We will also send a discharge summary with recommendations to the client.

Once you have discussed the findings with your client, you may wish to arrange additional diagnostic testing to occur at your clinic. If you would like further assistance in assessment of the case and these results, please book time with us to discuss. This service will be provided for $79 (incl. GST) and will be invoiced to you directly for each round of diagnostic tests.

Subsequent actions such as the client presenting to SASH and/or additional remote consults can then be booked as required.