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Rebecca : Maverick

Published on December 11, 2023.

Story from Rebecca : Maverick

Maverick is a boisterous, loving, cheeky, sweet kelpie. Just after his 1st birthday we decided to get his leg looked at as sometimes it would go lame when he was out running, but it would be right a few seconds later after a quick sit down. Turns out he has high kneecaps (likely genetic) and in his puppy growth one of the knee caps just didn’t form right. Turns out he had a luxating patella. We booked him in straight away for surgery with the surgical team at SASH Tuggerah. However it quickly became that “Maverick being Maverick” resulted in him fracturing the bone that was moved in the initial surgery, then two weeks later he ruptured a tendon and ended up in a cast. When the cast came off he had lost all muscle and had to go in for surgery to get the pins removed. He slowly recovered and 8 months later (after the first surgery) with lots of care, visits to SASH, rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, and cuddles he is building up his muscle and now running again like crazy in the bush and at the beach. It has been a long journey but the team at SASH were amazing the whole way through. They took my many late night calls and emergency visits when things didn’t look right, and most of all made Maverick feel so loved. He actually gets excited arriving at SASH! I feel so grateful that our sweet Maverick is still here and able to run wild and curl up on the couch for cuddles – I am eternally grateful to the specialists and team at SASH.

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