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Rebecca : Macchiato

Published on January 2, 2024.

Story from Rebecca : Macchiato

Back in 2021, when 11 year old Macchiato – a short, black cavoodle, started producing differently shaped droppings, his local vet referred him immediately to the newly opened SASH Adelaide. There, Dr David Davies spearheaded treatment for the cancerous rectal mass they found. After successful surgery from Dr Ryan Taggert in Adelaide, chemotherapy treatment designed by Dr Spela Bavcar in North Ryde, Sydney and ongoing scans and expert care from Dr Davies, Nurse Tash and the wonderful team back in Adelaide, Mac’s future is bright. Now 13 years old and contrary to expectations, he is completely continent, playbows like a puppy, loves his food, running around and cuddles. When we arrive at SASH for CT scans and checkups, Mac trots confidently through the sliding doors, arranges himself helpfully on the scales, wags ‘hello’ to Nurse Tash and then makes himself at home in the waiting room, making friends with patients and parents alike. He feels completely loved and cared for and we are so grateful for the exceptional life-saving treatment he’s received from SASH.

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