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Rebecca : Fergus

Published on January 31, 2024.

Story from Rebecca : Fergus

Fergus the Airedale came into our lives after he made it through a very long 9 hour bus ride down the New South Wales Coast.

His breeders did describe him as the boy who ‘always made sure he got his fair share of food’. Little did we know that being so food motivated would become so much of his personality.

In between meals, when he couldn’t eat all day long, he took a particular liking to chewing through our clothes for much of his puppy months, but this probably went well into his adolescent years when we had to throw out jumper after shirt after pant, because of all the holes he had made.

Fergus loves going on walks and apart from being so highly food driven, he is also very adventure driven. He loves visiting hiking trails, running around ovals, sniffing out rabbits and chasing the local bush turkeys. But going on car rides to get maccas ice cream pup cups is probably his favourite activity.

Fergus had to get his right eye removed as he developed glaucoma and the pressure to his eye became too painful to maintain. Which is why he only has his left eye remaining for him to see.

Fergus was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in 2023 and has had chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatment with the team at SASH. Even though he has been battling his illness he is always beyond happy and excited everytime he comes in to SASH as he gets to see everybody there including Sarah and Jess. Fergus knows there are always happy faces to see, plenty of pats to be had and the occasional cheese or treat to devour when he comes into SASH

We know that our time with Fergus is limited but we cannot thank the SASH team enough for giving such great love, care and treatment to Fergus over the past year. We have made sure he continues to get more than his fair share of cuddles, pats, adventures and pup cups because he is has been such a brave and great boy!

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