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You are Ready for the Next Step

There is no better time for you to take the next step in your nursing career. SASH has an industry leading induction and training program to give you a seamless transition into becoming a highly trained SASH nurse.

With mentors, buddies, teammates and specialist vets all keen to see your success and growth, you will be supported every step of the way. The SASH team loves to teach and pass on their knowledge through a variety of training and development pathways. 

Who can be a SASH nurse?

SASH is looking for Cert IV qualified nurses with a few years of experience, who are passionate about nursing, care for pets, and for those that want to be the heart of the hospital.

There is no expectation that you need to know everything, or to already be great. What is important is that you are ready to learn and ready to become great.

What type of nurse can I be?

SASH has a variety of disciplines and specialist services, all of which need dedicated nurses. If you have a field of interest, we are confident SASH will have a service that matches your goals. Be sure to have a look at all our services by clicking the link below.

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SASH nurse training programs

SASH has a unique Nurse Education Leader, who has a strong background in nurse education at TAFE. Together with the SASH Nursing Unit Managers, the Nurse Education Leader will be responsible for guiding new nurses through a formal program that will transition nurses from general practice into SASH specialty practice.

The SASH Hospital Care Training Program was developed at SASH for SASH and will expose you to multiple departments within the hospital. Nurses that undergo this training will learn core skills needed to be a SASH specialty nurse. It includes:

  • Skills & techniques
  • Theory
  • Assessments
  • Printed resources
  • Online learning through SASH’s digital learning platform
Although SASH prioritises nurse training, the program is flexible and designed to fit in with your own expectations and lifestyle. Whether you want to dive in head first, or slowly dip your toe in the water, it is entirely up to you.

At the conclusion of the program, you will be ready to advance into a specialty field. However, the training and support does not end there. With a robust nurse development program, there’s always something to learn at SASH.

Ready for a sea change?

Now with three distinct locations, SASH is the ideal place to be if you want to experience more parts of Australia:

  • SASH Sydney is located in North Ryde, 15 km away from the Sydney CBD. If you enjoy, or want to be part of the big city or suburban lifestyle, this is the choice for you.
  • SASH Central Coast is located in Tuggerah, NSW. Perfect for those that prefer a quieter town popular as a holiday destination, while still driving distance away from Sydney
  • SASH Adelaide is a brand new hospital located in Kent Town, just minutes away from the Adelaide CBD. This is ideal for Sydney-siders wanting a big change.
  • SASH Western Sydney is under construction and will be located in Prospect, approximately 10 minutes way from Parramatta. Western Sydney is one of the fastest growing areas of NSW, and will be an exciting opportunity for nurses wanting to join a brand new state of the art hospital.

SASH is vet led

SASH is a vet led organisation, operated by all of its founding veterinarian partners. Each of SASH’s founding partners are practicing veterinarians, and are respected members of the veterinary community.

With the owners of the hospitals walking the corridors in scrubs, each and everyday, they have a deep and thorough understanding of what makes a good hospital, how to provide gold standard patient care, and how pet owners feel. These unique insights help to guide decisions are that in the best interest of their patients and their team.

Having been veterinarians for decades, SASH management understands and appreciate the importance of nurses. This is why the nurses at SASH are well supported, have a voice, and will always be heard by those that can make changes.