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Rachel : Haku

Published on January 3, 2024.

Story from Rachel : Haku

I adopted Haku when he was 2 years old from the RSPCA. A sweet but wild Husky X boy, with so much love to give! 6 years on and he still makes us laugh every day with his quirks. Haku loves to run, play tug, do ‘scent finding’ games and bike-jore! Plus he’s got a bunch of cool tricks up his sleeve (or paw?).

After having an eye ulcer mid 2023 in his left eye and being in a cone for 8 weeks, he finally was free once it all healed up. Fast forward to October and he ended up with an ulcer in his right eye. Many vet visits and eye creams later and it still hadn’t healed. I thought best to get it seen by an Opthamologist so booked him in at North Ryde SASH with Dr Kate and we had our first consult. It was interesting to learn that indolent ulcers can come about because of age and there are a range of treatments available.

Haku had diamond burr debridement the week before Christmas. With an 80% success rate we have seen great improvement with his eye and the ulcer even 2 weeks out. Can’t wait to see him back to his old antics and out of the cone. He’s been a trooper with all the eye drops and pills.

Dr Kate and Dr James were so lovely and kind, as were all the other staff at SASH.  Can’t thank you all enough for the care of Haku so far! We are back soon for a check up, fingers crossed its healing nicely.

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