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Phillippa & Phil : Kadbury

Published on January 29, 2024.

Story from Phillippa & Phil : Kadbury

Kadbury was diagnosed with meningoencephalitis from an unknown origin (MUO) in April 2016. He was not expected to live. But Kads is a fighter, and he is now 10 ½ and living the life in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland (Qld) with his humans and brother Bailey. That he survived is due in no small measure to his regular vet, Dr Kirsten Dance at the Maleny Veterinary Service, and Dr Georgina Child, Specialist in Neurology at SASH.

The week before his diagnosis Kadbury had visited the Maleny Vets almost every day. On Tuesday he was treated for a sore on his tail and on Wednesday we found two ticks on his leg which turned out to be bush ticks. On Thursday, he vomited several times and was going to be treated for possible tick paralysis but had a severe reaction to the premedication. He improved Friday but by Saturday he had become lethargic and disorientated. He was hospitalised over the weekend in Brisbane.

Over the next few months, he underwent a battery of tests including CT scans and MRIs to confirm the diagnosis. He was also prescribed a heavy regime of medication including immune suppressants and anti-seizure medication. Georgina was involved in Kadbury’s case from the beginning by providing consulting advice to his specialist in Brisbane concerning the likely diagnosis.

After 18 months it was still touch and go for Kads. His seizures were increasing in frequency, and it was clear he was not feeling well. His original specialist was no longer in Australia and in consultation with Kirsten, it was agreed that he be referred to Georgina at SASH in Sydney. Kirsten contacted SASH and spoke to Dr Patrick Kenny whose attitude was “of course we can help Kadbury”.

The lovely reception staff made the necessary appointment and in short order we packed the car and headed down to SASH.

Georgina was brilliant – her SASH profile is on the money. Her compassion, understanding and manner of explanation, after a full neurological examination, showed us that there were still possibilities for a full and happy life. A change to his anti-seizure medication and a tweak to his diet was the first step.

We made the trip to see Georgina again six months later for a revisit. The visits were then yearly with a conference call at the six-month mark. Kadbury had blood tests every 6 months and Georgina reviewed all of these, checked his seizure diaries, reviewed his medication and answered any questions we had.

Covid hit in 2020 and our last personal visit with Georgina was March that year. In 2021 and 2022 his check-ups were by Video Conference Call (Zoom) of which Kadbury made a brief appearance to say hello after having his neurological exam done by Kirsten.

Kadbury is referred to as the ‘miracle dog’ by the Maleny Vets as he survived against the odds. Kads has slowed down and behaves like the old man that he is. His preference for a day’s activity is sleep, eat, sleep, eat and sleep again. He doesn’t need to see Georgina these days unless something changes. But we know if there is a need, Georgina will be more than happy to help.

Having someone with the expertise of Dr. Georgina Child, the team at SASH and the advances of the treatment of dogs with neurological problems has helped Kadbury immensely. We are most grateful.

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