Puffin’s Life Changing Procedure

One friend's experience with Surgery

Puffin is an adorable 12-year old Doberman Kelpie Cross who has had urinary incontinence for most of her life. Coming from the RSPCA, she had a few initial health issues but the incontinence became more and more pronounced as she got older. Despite years of medication, Puffin’s leaking became a major part of her beloved owner’s lives who just resigned to the fact that this was something they would just have to live with. Constant rug and carpet replacements, daily mopping of hard floors, the hundreds of puppy training pads and the development of a 24/7 round’ the clock routine for Puffin’s toileting breaks.

Puffin’s owners brought her to SASH to see Dr Justin Wimpole who performed a CT scan that revealed she had a large tumour on her liver. The tumour was of a size that in all likelihood was exacerbating both her appetite loss and urinary problems due the pressure it was applying to her internal organs and surgery was recommended as the next step.

Puffin was and is a much-loved family member and her owners just wished there was more that could be done to help her. So, when they came in to SASH to see Dr Wimpole for the first time, they described that they were instilled with a sense of confidence that the wellbeing of their dog was the only priority being considered, whether that led to a good or bad diagnosis and prognosis.

Puffin’s owners opted to move forward with the surgery which was performed by Dr Andrew Marchevsky. The surgery involved removing the tumour, Artificial Urethral Sphincter placement and having her stomach stitched back in place as to avoid a possible twist post-surgery.

The procedure was a complete success and the change in Puffin was immediate and frankly miraculous for her owners!

Puffin was able to go back home two days after her procedure and, while she was a bit sore and sorry, she already appeared a much happier dog whose appetite was instantly back to that of a small horse. For the first time in years, her owners were able to sleep through the night without a visit to the garden and their large collection of mops and carpet cleaners have been retired to the back of their garage.

We are so proud of not only being able to provide Puffin with a better quality of life, but also of the relief it has brought to her devoted owners

“The procedure was a complete success and the change in Puffin was immediate and frankly miraculous for her owners!”

Dr Andrew Marchevsky

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