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Olivia : Dorrit

Published on December 2, 2023.

Story from Olivia : Dorrit

Dorrit is a sweet and sassy Welsh Pembroke Corgi who adores all people, other dogs and cheese. She is a gem and we totally love her.

When she was 10 months old we thought she had injured her spine as her neck was really sore and she was lethargic but after an X-ray and a few days with no improvement our vet recommended we take her to SASH.

The wonderful nurses at SASH assessed Dorrit and then the brilliant neurologist Dr Dillon examined her and diagnosed her with meningitis. After some tests and a few days in hospital with a medical drip Dorrit felt much better and came home. Thankfully her meningitis can be treated with steroids and despite a few blips (I may never recover from the projectile poos!) she is slowly getting back to normal.

We cannot thank the kind and supportive staff at SASH enough – the reception staff, nurses, vets and specialists were always lovely and they genuinely understand distraught pet parents. In our first follow up appointment Dr Dillon took the time to explain what meningitis is and he even drew us a very helpful picture. (He also forgave Dorrit for having an accident in the exam room.)

Dorrit is still being treated with steroids and despite everything loves visiting everyone at SASH.

We love SASH!

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