MRI scanner

The MRI scanner at SASH is now operating and we have started scanning patients to give them the quickest and most accurate diagnosis so that we can help them with their problem. The SASH MRI scanner is a new Siemens Essenza 1.5 tesla MRI scanner. This is the same type of scanner that is used in diagnosing conditions in people and is the only one in its class at a veterinary hospital in NSW.

The scanner will be run by Susan Proctor, new to the SASH team. Susan is a radiographer with 15 years experience in scanning people but has decided to apply her skills to scan furry four legged patients!

We are excited about how this new state of the art facility can help numerous pets and their owners and are very pleased with the high quality images that we are able to generate.

Stay tuned for some further updates and some more interesting images. If you or your vet thinks that your pet could benefit from an MRI scan, please ask for a referral to SASH.