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Mikayla : Zelda

Published on January 22, 2024.

Story from Mikayla : Zelda

In 2021 we adopted a beautiful white kitten with a small black spot on her head and called her Zelda.
She has the exact same colours and markings as our first cat and they regularly get mistaken for being related.

We fell in love with her straight away, and especially with her quirks. Like, that one of her eyes drifts slightly. So we nicknamed her “Wonky”, and that she can’t drink water quite right so she gets water all over herself and the wall. Although, what we initially thought was funny, we didn’t realise could be a symptom of an underlying condition.

One night we heard her collar bell ringing from her usual sleeping spot although it sounded constant and rough. So I went to see what she was doing and saw her on the floor convulsing. It’s awful and scary to see, but you need to immediately go to them and keep them on their side with their heads tilted up to keep their airways clear. Try and listen to their breathing and time how long.

It only went for 30 seconds but it was horrible to watch. I watched her closely and how she recovered. After 10 minutes she was back to normal but we took her to SASH Emergency.

It was midnight and yet the nurse that met us was so lovely. She still gave us quality care even though it was late and took Zelda in to triage to have her looked over.

Since that night she has had 5 more seizures and we are now managing a chronic illness, but the Neurology team at SASH has given us every option, friendly care and it’s made me feel more confident in caring for Zelda while we try and figure out the best thing for her.

It’s strange to say but she actually loves going to the vet and they love her. We had 2 nurses in one appointment who just wanted to spend some time with her.

She purrs so loud and is all over them, which I’m sure is a treat for all the staff. It’s comforting to know her care is in the hands of people who love her just as much as us.

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