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Michelle : Angel

Published on December 18, 2023.

Story from Michelle : Angel

Angel was one of our 7 year old Rottweilers, we also have her brother Ollie. Angel had her right knee TPLO in July 2022 by the amazing Dr Dunn at SASH Adelaide. Then she had her left knee done almost 12 months to the day by Dr Dunn. She was coming along really well with her Rehabilitation, she never cried or fussed about anything she was such a strong stoic girl.

After a couple of months she started to limp on the opposite side which was the first knee she had done. After having a biopsy and X-ray by Dr Dunn, he hoped it was just an infection and not osteosarcoma as he suspected. Our worst fears were realised when she stopped eating and wouldn’t do anything, he took her in for a CT scan and we said to him if you see anything really bad we don’t want to wake her up, we want to put her to sleep peacefully. When my phone rang a couple of hours later it was him. He said it’s really bad osteosarcoma had spread and she had disease everywhere. We were heartbroken as was Dr Dunn, but we knew what the right thing to do was. So with our permission Angel was put to sleep on 7/11/23.

All the staff at SASH have been wonderful to us, from the Doctors and nurses right through to all the reception staff have shown us such compassion it’s been heartwarming and has helped our broken hearts!

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