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Melissah : Turbo

Published on December 12, 2023.

Story from Melissah : Turbo

My little Jack Russell Turbo got desexed at his local vet (beautiful people) anyways he wouldn’t stop bleeding had to rush him to sash he went straight in he lost alot if blood had a plasma transfusion didn’t work come home the next day had Togo back to sash he he still didn’t clot they send him home that night at 11pm I had rush him back to have another transfusion as the blood didn’t stop he went through so much it was very scary the doctor’s did there very best he stopped bleeding and made it through thank god Turbo healed beautiful after that last transfusion I’m lucky I could do this for turbo get my little family’s dig back as turbo is our first family dog thank you I hope we win the gift voucher so we can get turbo a special Xmas present.

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