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Melanie : Frankie

Published on December 29, 2023.

Story from Melanie : Frankie

I rescued my beautiful pug Frankie in 2020 and he was just the perfect addition and my shadow for life. In 2022 we found ourselves needing the help and guidance of the amazing team at SASH Western Sydney. I came home from a night shift at the hospital as a midwife to my boy breathing so fast and obviously in distress at 5 years of age. We quickly sent Frankie to our local vet when we soon realised that we would need further specialist help.

Within an hour or two of arriving at SASH Western Sydney the consent form for emergency surgery was signed. Even though SASH had opened not even a week prior we received such high standard of care and I couldn’t fault anything by the team at Prospect. Frankie’s Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Surgery went better than anticipated and he defied all the scary risks. The team constantly provided updates via emails and sent photos of Frankie whenever I requested which I am forever grateful for.

Thank you to the team at SASH for saving my best friend. The photo attached of Frankie is of him pre surgery in the waiting room. Again thank you so much.

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