SASH - Live on the Today Show

On Thursday 21 May SASH was LIVE on the Today Show as part of their coverage of essential services being offered during COVID lockdown. 

Below, SASH CEO Justin Wimpole chats with Tim about the impact COVID19 has had on veterinary practices and on animals. 


Learn more about our Dermatology service here or read about Boss’s Itchy Issue in our Patient Stories

Avian and Exotics

Our Avian and Exotics Specialist Dr Olivia Clarke discusses the various pets we see at SASH, and how important it is for people to build a relationship with their local vet to provide regular check ups for their pets. 

At SASH we see all kinds of animals from the furry and fluffy to the feathered or scaly! Learn more about our Avian and Exotics Department here

Click here to see the snake video!

Blood Donor Bank

Dr Stephanie Leeder discusses the importance of Blood Donors and the lives it saves. 

You can read more about our Blood Donor Program here. If you would like your pet to become a part of our Blood Donor Program please email

Rehabilitation - Hydrotherapy

Dr Naomi Boyd discusses how rehabilitation via the underwater treadmill helps animals recover from surgery – or with ailments such as hip dysplasia or arthritis. 

Rehabilitation Therapist Allana Langdon shows us the benefits of Hyrdotherapy with Sandy.

You can learn more about the services we offer for

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