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Maza : Darcy

Published on December 2, 2023.

Story from Maza : Darcy

G’day All I’ve just thought you might be interested in Darcy’s story

In early January 2022, I noticed an unusual swelling under Darcy’s lower jaw. She was reviewed at Jervis Bay Veterinary clinic.

Darcy was diagnosed with a distructive/aggressive tumour of the k9jaw . “Acanthomatous Ameloblastoma” of the lower jaw at 11&1/2yrs of age

3 Feb 2022 she was admitted to SASH in North Ryde. NSW

After very informative consultation with both the Oncologist and Surgeons and weighing up All the pros and cons re best quality of life etc; I chose to leave her in the professional surgical hands of Dr Martin Havlicek and reassuring nursing staff.

Darcy had major surgical removal of the tumour involved partial removal of lower jaw. It was a case of surgery or euthanasia.

While I was anxiously awaiting at home for post operative news I was both surprised and extremely excited to have received a photo of my Darcy awake and alert in the recovery room posted by one of the marvelous recovery nurses. Joyfully cried my eyes out!!!

3 days later when I came to pick Darcy up for discharge, Dr Martin Havlicek explained that the surgery was successful and then demonstrated how to feed her etc etc; he was so reassuring, extremely kind and generous with his time and advice.

6 Feb back home follow up care with Dr David Fowler and all the wonderful staff at our Jervis Bay clinic.

She Initially required hand feeding sloppy soft diet – gradually semi solids and eventually progressed to her normal soaked kibble, eventually dry kibble.

It took 7mths to wean off hand feeding to her eating independently from her own food bowl.

Darcy has maintained her normal happy VIZSLA energetic self from the moment of discharge from SASH hospital (to which I’m eternally grateful).

3 Feb 2023 FIRST “ANNIVERSARY DAY” We celebrated at Plantation Point beach with the K9 locals.

Darcy continues to enjoy perfect health for a 13yrs young lady,

The only medicine she has is hemp oil and Canine Joint Plus powder for minor arthritis in Rt front leg.

She eats her normal kibble now out of her own bowl and the occasional portion of raw chicken frame and sardines

She enjoys playing and telling Off her now 20mths old Vizsla companion MIRRI.

photo of owner, dog and Dr Martin Havlicek
Maza, Darcy, and Dr Martin Havlicek, Specialist Surgeon

The pictures show:

Initial swelling under jaw, me leaving her in Dr. Martin Havlicek surgeon’s hands,  recovery room. Surgeon demonstrate how to feed her just 2days post surgery, I invented putting breathable mesh muzzle on to protect tongue when out walking, resting in own bed, with MIRRI,  enjoying the beach 12 mths since jaw surgery

Finally I’m hoping Darcy’s story will be a reassurance to all to “NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE RESILIENCE OF OUR INCREDIBLE VIZSLAS”

Looking forward to many more years of love and affection from my most PRECIOUS DARC

Y 💞 🐾🐾

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