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Margo : Chewy

Published on December 6, 2023.

Story from Margo : Chewy

Chewy is a 10yr old Moodle! Chewy came into my life age 5. He’s the sweetest quirkiest little man ever! His health issues started age 6 when he was diagnosed with IBD, followed by a diagnosis of Primary Hyperlipidemia the following year.

Then came the diagnosis of Insulin Dependent Diabetes in Oct 2021. I picked his diabetes immediately so he has never had totally out of control sugars and got him a maintenance insulin dose within 4 months! This diagnosis took us to the Ophthalmology Dept. at SASH, North Ryde to monitor for Diabetic Cataracts which are inevitable. Chewys cataracts progressed relatively slowly as his sugars were well maintained. It was a stressful time because I was constantly reminded they can develop rapidly and blindness can come overnight!

We got almost two years when all of a sudden I could see the deterioration in his eyesight, bumping into things on walk etc. Time for his Cataract surgery had arrived! It was all explained so well to me and the planning was made easy, thanks to all the wonderful staff at SASH. He had a Pre Op day where he was checked out head to paw to make sure he was fit for surgery. He had his Cataract Surgery late August 2023 under the exceptional care of Dr.Yvette Crowe. I got updated throughout the day on his progress on surgery day! He came home the next day and was doing well but unfortunately he developed an indolent ulcer in his left eye which needed a procedure called a Diamond Burr to aid healing. This was done with local anaesthetic and he could come home same day! It eventually healed and I absolutely love waking up to see two bright shiny eyes looking at me again! No more cloudiness. His eyesight is amazing, like walking a puppy again and his energy and love of life has returned with his new eyesight! He’s bouncing around like I’ve not seen him do for a year I would say!
With this surgery comes lots of eye drops, which can be daunting and one has to be dedicated but the outcome is worth all the effort!
It was a stressful time but made easy by the constant communication with Dr Yvette who was always just a phone call or email away! SASH is an amazing place, full of amazing talented, professional people and I will be forever grateful for the care all the staff have shown us and giving my MrChew his eyesight and love of life back again!  🐾 xx


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