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Linda : Archie

Published on December 18, 2023.

Story from Linda : Archie

Firstly, let me just say my 3yr old Archie is my world. The cutest, smartest Border Collie ever.

We started Agility training which Archie was loving so much & picking it up very quickly. This all came to a grinding holt when after some investigation, including x-rays and a MRI, it was discovered he had fractured fabella (probably from birth) plus he has arthritis in his foot.

Between SASH North Ryde & Central Coast, Archie has had quite a lot of visits & seems to have come part of the Sash family.

Currently, Archie is getting around quite well with his exercises & pain management.

Archie & I would love to say a Big thankyou to Dr Naomi & her team for taking such good care of Archie.

Thank you SASH North Ryde & Central Coast

Linda & Archie

Central Coast NSW

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