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Leigh-anne : Rhino

Published on December 18, 2023.

Story from Leigh-anne : Rhino

We have 2 sausage dogs Rhino (5years old) and his brother Freddie (4years old).  For someone who was not really a dog person I can’t even imagine my life without them. They are like our actual children. So much so that Rhino sleeps in our bed with us:)

This year he was truly knocked around. In March 2023 he couldn’t even walk, his back legs was dragging behind him like a seal.  This was heartbreaking to witness, this is our baby!! We took him to one vet that misdiagnosed him.  Eventually after we insisted he was referred to SASH in Adelaide at this stage he was already in stage 4 IVDD. He had his first back surgery in March by Dr. Penny.  She and the team of nurses really looked after him. We took him home a couple of days later and he was progressing well, exercising and doing weekly physio visits.

Two months later we noticed something wasn’t right with him and rushed him straight to SASH.  This time for a second back surgery:( This time he was cared for by Dr Andrew who performed the surgery. Again he was well looked after and by this time Rhino was well and truly a SASH celebrity.  He had his favourite nurses Eugenie and Ebony to name a few. He also liked his Physio Johanna as she gave him lots of treats when he went for his weekly treatment. We absolutely can’t fault SASH the way they treated our baby boy and us in this very difficult time was amazing.  We were given all the relevant information , everything was explained to us. We never felt like we were a burden.  Rhino at the moment in November 2023 is doing really well considering 2 major back operations in a span of 2 months.  He is our special little sausage that walks with a little swagger:) This makes him truly unique!!!

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