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Lauryn : Yodi

Published on January 31, 2024.

Story from Lauryn : Yodi

Yodi’s Abscess 

In January 2023, I was sitting down with Yodi giving her, her daily scratches when I noticed a blueberry sized lump under her chin. Straight away this concerned me and I booked in with the incredible Exotics department at SASH North Ryde. They have always taken such incredible care of Yodi.

Yodi had to undergo a variety of tests including x-ray, CT scan and a biopsy of the wound to rule out an abscess. Unfortunately rabbits commonly get abscesses and this made me extremely worried. Once the biopsy was completed the team confirmed pus inside the lump and ruled out and abscess which needed to be removed and drained by surgery. We were told it could be due to dental disease and thankfully the CT scan showed no sign of this. We were so relieved.

The day came where Yodi was taken in for her surgery. This was an extremely anxious time for us but I knew she was in the best hands.

After her surgery, we were told everything went well and that they had found grassy matter inside the pus in the wound which was most likely caused by a grass seed.

If anyone knows what grass seeds are like, they are awful little things and can cause so much trouble for any pet. They penetrate right down below the skin. We were so glad that the team were able to resolve the issue and find the cause for Yodi’s abscess.

She recovered so well and even enjoyed her medication!

We will forever be grateful for the Exotics team at SASH, for taking such good care of our girl.

From one pet owner to another, please watch out for grass seeds and do regular check overs on your pet. 


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