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Lauren : Joey

Published on December 8, 2023.

Story from Lauren : Joey

My dog Joey is an Australian Shepherd who has idiopathic epilepsy.

He was stable for a long time until one day we got home and it seemed like he was in a constant seizure state, extremely skittish and scared.

I took him to my work (I am a vet nurse at a GP vet) for the day, and he had to be monitored at SASH overnight for a severe postictal episode.

We were lucky enough that SASH had a neurologist rostered on the next day! Dr Dillon formed an amazing and lengthy plan to wean Joey off some medications that werent working for him, and wean him onto new medications. He also diagnosed him with postitcal blindness. Which explained why Joey was so skittish as he was unable to see well.

Dr Dillon and the team have been so good with communication, checking in on Joey and most importantly making a new plan for him that is working.

We are very grateful:)

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