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Lacey : Teddy

Published on December 15, 2023.

Story from Lacey : Teddy

Late one night we noticed Teddy, our beautiful Italian Greyhound, had started to knuckle his two front paws. Our usually very coordinated boy was also a bit off-balance. Day by day, he started to lose confidence in his ability to jump up onto the couch and was asking us to pick him up instead. At this stage, we thought maybe he had a sprained ankle as he was his usual happy self. One night, he collapsed into his bed and every time he tried to get up he would quickly fall over. We rushed him to our lovely local vet who ran lots of tests, thinking perhaps it was an inner ear infection, a strained neck muscle, or even a tumour, but she couldn’t find anything. She recommended SASH and specifically Dr Dillon Devathasan. SASH managed to fit us in almost immediately for a consult with Dr Devathasan and he immediately ran a CT scan, suspecting a slipped disc in Teddy’s neck. The CT confirmed this and he arranged surgery. I’m pleased to report that the surgery went smoothly. From the front desk staff, to the nurses who cared for Teddy pre and post-op, to Dr Devathasan and the physiotherapist who taught us how to look after Teddy post-op, we couldn’t be more pleased with and grateful for SASH. They were so kind during what was a very distressing time, helping us make our claims with insurance, ringing us regularly to update us and treating our very fussy and sooky boy as if he was their own. Teddy is now back to his usual confident self and it’s all because of Dr Devathasan and the team at SASH.

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