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Kerry-anne : Agent

Published on December 29, 2023.

Story from Kerry-anne : Agent

Agent my beautiful Belgium Malios has been a hero in many people’s life, helping people through emotional trauma and with dog fears.

In march during a regular check up, noticed his lymph nodes was large, after biopsies he was diagnosed with B cell lymphoma and was given about 6 weeks to live.

Dr Davies and SASH Adelaide team immediately started chemotherapy, this little man is so brave he doesn’t need sedation just lots of cuddles during his treatment. We nearly lost him again after a reaction to one of the drugs, but again SASH team did amazing job to save him for a second time.

After everything he goes through he still get very excited as we drive in to SASH, running behind reception to say hi to the girls, and waiting for all the nurses  especially his favourite nurse Kelli to come out to him when they know he is there.

He is now in remission and back to helping other, recently comforting my mother through the lost of her partner. I don’t think my mum would have been able to recover as well as she did without Agent’s therapy.

Thank you to SASH for saving my baby boy.

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