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Keeping your dog fit & healthy

Published on March 11, 2022.
Last Updated January 16, 2023.
Dr Naomi and Allana

In this webinar, Veterinarian and Physiotherapist Dr Naomi Boyd, together with Rehabilitation Therapist Allana Langdon shared practical tips and tricks on how to keep your dog fit and healthy.  

The team demonstrated exercises and activities to improve canine mobility, strength, and overall physical health. 

The talk also covered how to set your puppy up for a long life of good movement and how to detect the early warning signs of discomfort or a brewing injury.

IMPORTANT: The following exercises must only be performed by dogs that are fit and healthy. If your dog is elderly, suffering from any diseases, conditions, injuries or illness (including recovery from surgery), please consult a vet before performing these exercises.


Please note the sound quality of this recording varies throughout the talk

Webinar FAQ's

Our live audience had some great questions after the talk 

As soon as sutures have been checked and you’ve been given the all clear to get wet by your vet. We start land-based physio day 1 after surgery here at SASH, the same standard that is kept in human hospitals.

We see the benefits as in elite human athletes – better strength, performance and fitness. Underwater treadmill training allows sporting dogs to improve all these things without increasing the load through their joints.

I will often do this with owners as part of a ‘middle’ cue (if trained) or lure in between your legs so that you can guide them in that way.

All kinds! But what we choose to do depends on the individual dog and their needs.

For underwater treadmill training? 3x/week is ideal while building up but our plan will always depend on the individual dog, what they’re already doing and what owners are able to manage.

Fitpaws and Toto are great dog-specific brands but you can find very similar equipment at places like Hart Sports, Kmart, Rebel Sport etc

Absolutely, as long as they are a happy, healthy Dachshund currently.

I believe that any dog who is looking stiff should have an orthopaedic check up. We have to remember that as humans, we will feel stiffness long before it becomes visually apparent to the people around us

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