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Katie : Lucy

Published on December 22, 2023.

Story from Katie : Lucy

We adopted Lucy when she was almost four years old, and it was absolutely love at first sight. When we first met her all we could hear was the “THUMP THUMP THUMP” of her tail smacking into the walls from excitement, and as soon as we came in she started curling up like a banana and spinning in circles to try to get maximum pats.

We first noticed her limping a week after we brought her home and we took her to our regular vet, who recommended that we bring her to the specialists at SASH. They found that she had an untreated ruptured cruciate ligament and patella luxation which meant she could only walk short distances before starting to experience pain.

Dr. Ryan and the SASH team talked us through every step of the treatment plan and made sure we knew exactly what to expect, and then Lucy had surgery to try to repair the issue. Because of the severity of the injury she has had physiotherapy and lots of follow up appointments, and even though her treatment has been hard she absolutely delights in trying to give the SASH staff (and everyone else in the waiting room) as many kisses as possible. We love our girl so much and it’s been so hard seeing her in pain, but we cannot thank the SASH staff enough for all of their compassion, support, and expertise.

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