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Karen : Nahla and Loki

Published on December 15, 2023.
Nahla and Loki in front of a Christmas tree

Story from Karen : Nahla and Loki

We have Nahla the border collie and Loki the bordoodle. SASH has played a big role in our lives this year. Loki, two and a half, was diagnosed with epilepsy and a few months later Nahla, then 5 yrs, was diagnosed with spinal cord disease. Absolute devastation for Nahla and the family. We have been very fortunate to have Dr Stacey Brady from SASH Neurology & Neurosurgery care for both our dogs and we can’t speak highly enough of her.

Nahla actually thinks she is coming in to see her friends at SASH when she has her treatments, a big thankyou to all the staff at SASH, you have helped us so much with the management of both dogs

Kind regards,

Karen Scanlon

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