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Kara : Diesel

Published on December 20, 2023.

Story from Kara : Diesel

My French bulldog Diesel at 1.5 years old all of a sudden lost all movement in his back legs, I was extremely worried about what this meant and rushed him to SASH Emergency where he was seen to straight away.

The vets at SASH gave me a lot of knowledge on this breed of dog which was a tremendous help, they felt it could be IVDD and that he would be have to be seen by a Neurologist and have numerous scans done. I was very distraught however the team at SASH were very reassuring they even called me through the night to update me on his progress which helped me relax while he was away.

With luck on Diesel’s side, it wasn’t IVDD and he had just hurt his back leg and was sent home with medication.  I can’t thank SASH enough for the work they put in to our fur babies.

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