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John : Kasey

Published on December 19, 2023.

Story from John : Kasey

Some fifteen years ago, my dog, a 7-month-old Sheltie and I were introduced to the Dermatology Department of another specialist hospital. The resulting experience was not as professionally conducted as was expected. The only testing to determine the cause of the allergy being suffered was a simple scrapping and viewing on a microscope. There was no elimination diet suggested, only the prescribing of a vaccine produced in Melbourne and tablets from Sydney Uni.  This combination was intended to be a lifelong solution to the problem. Research we conducted ourselves led to trialing an elimination diet that identified an allergy to beef as the cause. By removing beef from the diet the allergy disappeared and he enjoyed another fourteen years of healthy life.

In recent times my current Sheltie developed similar symptoms and has undertaken an elimination diet to start with but to no avail. Other treatments were tried by our vet and culminated in a short course of injections that was only beneficial for two doses. Next an all-natural vet was consulted with minimal effect. Our reluctance to approach SASH was born from our previous experience at the other specialist hospital (not SASH) but was considered a last resort.

I am however, pleased to say our experience has been very thorough and professional throughout. At this point in time we are seeing real progress toward a solution.

We are delighted with the treatment, care and consideration shown at every appointment, for both Kasey and ourselves. The doctors and nurses at SASH are all committed to providing the best care and our questions and concerns are taken seriously and addressed at each appointment.

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