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Joana : Millie

Published on December 7, 2023.

Story from Joana : Millie

Millie is my rescue German Shepherd, now aged 6 and a half, younger sister to Neile, aged 8 also a German Shepherd. This is rather a delicate story as it involves her vulva! She had a habit of licking in that area and I had consulted my local vet for advice for some time. We tried various treatments, antibiotics, topical creams, none of which worked. When she had to have some minor surgery under anaesthetic a closer inspection of the area was possible (the poor thing is very anxious at the vets and it had been very difficult to examine her properly for that reason). It was clear that she had an inflammation in that area so she was referred to Dr Andrew Dunn who I know very well and respect enormously. He cared for my last German Shepherd Mayla, who had bi-lateral hip dysplasia and also operated on Neile at 7 months for elbow dysplasia. Dr Dunn recommended a vulvoplasty. The procedure was a complete success and the nurses and staff at SASH Adelaide made the entire process as stress-free for Millie as possible (and me, as I am always so anxious for her when she is at the vets). Her post-operative recovery was a week spent at home with me and Neile had a holiday down the coast with my partner. Before this experience, it had never crossed my mind that a dog could need a vulvoplasty. I am so grateful for Dr Dunn’s expertise and the professional and caring attitude of all staff at SASH Adelaide. Neile sees Dr Dunn once a year for a check up and a chat and when I learnt of the blood donor program a few years ago, Neile became a blood donor for SASH until her age meant she was ineligible. We are so lucky in Adelaide to have a facility like SASH 24/7 for our pets.

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