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Jillian : Dash

Published on December 4, 2023.

Story from Jillian : Dash

Dash has been in for 3 spinal surgeries with Andrew his favourite person .The care he has received has been above anything else . He has been a good patient while in your care and after at home , never wanting to stay for long away from his best friend Ben .since his last operation he has been still doing his usually run of the farm but due to him getting that bit older likes to have a few more nanny naps than before . Knows now the ramps are the go to .Dash is a very loyal and happy friend to all the family but he has one special friend in his mate Ben who he likes to go car rides and likes to check the cattle with , His first year of life wasn’t his best and the day we picked him up he was barking and the gentleman kicked him into a brick wall , Ben picked him up and put him in the car and told that he will never have that done to him again . Their bond will never be broken we know our days have always been numbered from the very first operation and he has given Andrew some challenges but he has always showed us his love for getting him out of pain . We are forever grateful for the skills you all have and the care you take with our four legged family.
thank you

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