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Jill : Bailey

Published on December 1, 2023.

Story from Jill : Bailey

In March this year my 3 dogs were happily playing in the hallway. I heard a yelp and Bailey came to me limping. Before long he had lost the use of his back legs . He was referred to SASH by our vet where he was diagnosed with IVDD. We were lucky to have Dr James Crowley do the surgery. Not only was he so knowledgable ability this condition, he was in touch with me constantly , keeping me up to date with how Bailey was doing and continues to do so. I am so appreciative of this. I always felt like Bailey was in good hands .

After surgery Bailey has spent many many days in outpatient therapy and the physios have also been so wonderful. Bailey is a timid dog but has never been upset or scared about going to his therapy, probably because he is so well taken care of .

9 months down the track and Bailey is doing so well. The photo attached was taken at the beach a few weeks ago. Something I was unsure if we’d ever get to do with all 3 dogs again. He loved it and I was amazed at how well he kept up with the other 2.

I call Bailey my soul dog, so to have him almost back to normal means a lot and I am extremely grateful to all the staff at SASH North Ryde for their care.

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