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Jessica : Willow

Published on December 7, 2023.

Story from Jessica : Willow

My bunny Willow was recently treated for a liver lobe torsion.

I got home from work and he was lethargic, not eating and drinking full bowls of water continuously. I rushed him to SASH North Ryde where they triaged him and found him hypothermic and anemic. He was kept in emergency over night and transferred to exotics the next morning where they assessed him and found he was also slowly bleeding internally. After a few scans it was found he had a liver lobe torsion and needed a blood transfusion and emergency surgery immediately. His big brother Ash rushed to SASH to help save Willow with a blood transfusion and thankfully he had surgery the next day and that lobe was removed as well as 50ML of blood from his abdomen . His prognosis was still very guarded and he began to have fluid in his chest wall so he needed to remain in hospital for another 5 days. He came home on the 5th day with meds and needed syringe feeder every 3 hours as he wasn’t eating and pooping and was at risk of GI stasis. Luckily after a few days of the meds, supportive care and extra cuddles he pulled through and was back to his happy normal self within a few weeks!

He continues to be a healthy happy boy and loves frolicking around the backyard with the dogs and cuddling up to his sister every night – not so much the brother who helped save his life!

I cannot thank the exotics team at SASH north Ryde enough! They are amazing souls!!!

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