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Jess : Sir Barks Woofington

Published on December 11, 2023.

Story from Jess : Sir Barks Woofington

I rushed Barks to SASH after watching him rupture a disc (IVDD) one afternoon. I was completely distraught, and so was he. The surgical team at SASH acted quickly and provided me with information about what was happening for him. After an MRI which confirmed he ruptured the disc, he was rushed into surgery to ensure no permanent spinal cord injury.
The team were amazing with keeping me up to date whilst he was in hospital. He spent 3 days and was able to come home with me to do physio and recover. Unfortunately, less then 2 weeks later he became very unwell with gastro. I rang the hospital at 3am asking for help, and they got us through the night, and into the hospital the next day.  Barks spent another 4 days in hospital under the care of vets from Internal Medicine. They did ultrasounds and provides IV fluids and medication. They sent me photo updates when I asked and truely gave him love and support to get better. He is home again now and recovering. We are still set to follow up with the sports physio team to help him gain strength and movement in his back legs. I am truely thankful for the support and high level of skill by all the staff at SASH Western Sydney. I don’t know what I would have done without SASH.

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