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Jenna : Barney

Published on January 5, 2024.

Story from Jenna : Barney

Mr Barney/Barnabie/B Daddy/Barnatron is a pedigree Australian shepherd who is 11 months old and turns 1 in February. He is a snoring machine who loves his Doritos, sea salt chips, sleeping with his head elevated like a king and his booty scratched. Barney is a old man at heart but when he gets excited he likes to show his pearly white teeth and smile, he is a very loyal dog who will do anything to protect his owners- even bark at a tree. When B Daug has food in his face he will do anything for you. His jobs are site foreman on the building site, protector of mum, vacuum cleaner, sock taster and passenger princess.

Barney arrived at SASH after an incident with the hose game in September. We were then to find out he had dislodged his back leg Achilles which had surgery on it, had a cast on for 4 weeks than in 2nd week recovery it happened again on the same leg. Round 2 of surgery on same leg happened which led to a 12 week recovery. We were in the 11/12 week recovery on the road to being fully recovered which than led to Barney dislodging his Achilles in his other back leg so we are now in week 2 of 3rd surgery for Mr Barney.

He’s had a rough 1st year of his life but he’s gonna be a bionic dog now and run the fastest. We have dealt with doctor Martin and Sarah throughout our process and have been nothing but extraordinary and couldn’t recommend them highly enough. We honestly think barney missed uncle Martin and aunty Sarah too much so he thought he should do his other leg to see them again.

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