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James : Skye

Published on December 15, 2023.

Story from James : Skye

Skye Baby

Skye was admitted to SASH Western Sydney in mid-November 2023 when she wasn’t her usual self. We noticed earlier that day that she was trying to urinate a lot, but nothing was really happening, and she wasn’t keeping much food or water down. We could tell she wasn’t herself, so we went to SASH. We saw a lovely nurse who gave Skye lots of cuddles to ensure she felt safe, and she was in good hands. In the first initial consult, there were no major worries, and they were happy with how comfortable she looked. While waiting for a vet to see her, she had been drinking water but couldn’t keep anything down. When we saw the vet, they were lovely and assured Skye that she was in the best hands. There was no real initial concern, as Skye seemed calm and not in any distress. They thought she just had an upset stomach, and it should settle down. Skye could have stayed the night in case, but it didn’t matter as they weren’t really concerned, and Skye would be more comfortable at home.

That night she went downhill slightly and couldn’t keep anything down, so we took her back to SASH and saw a vet quickly as she had already been there earlier that day. They needed to run some scans and tests on her to try and find out what was causing Skye to be sick. Eventually, they found out that Skye had a severe case of pancreatitis, which they were very surprised about, as usually dogs would be showing signs of pain or distress, but Skye hadn’t been.

Skye stayed at SASH for the next 6 days in the lovely care of the staff. We would get daily calls on how Skye was progressing and how lovely she is. Myself and my wife were concerned Skye would be stressed being there for so long, but the staff assured us that she was getting daily cuddles and little walks which made her happy.

Overall, with Skye having a severe case of pancreatitis, the team at SASH made us feel like she was in the best care possible, and she was. The team was sad to see her go as they just wanted to cuddle her; she is very cuddly 🙂 but happy as she was better. We got a couple of calls some days and a week later checking in on Skye, and they were very happy to hear how she was going.

Happy to say Skye is back to 100%, and we can’t thank the SASH team enough for the care they gave Skye Baby.

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