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Jacqui : Oliver

Published on January 22, 2024.

Story from Jacqui : Oliver


Ollie is entering his now in his 17th year and first went to Sash in 2019 when a lump in his mouth was detected as being cancerous. Dr Veronika was so kind to me as I was terrified. Ollie wasn’t even sick! But I just noticed what looked like an extra tooth emerge in his gum that was in fact a tumour. It was totally removed and despite the local vet wanting to remove his jaw (?!) Dr Martin and Dr Veronika said let’s wait and see. The best decision for a Jack Russell who loves tennis balls. The tumour has not re occurred. I know we are VERY lucky.

Second issue was in 2020 when Ollie woke screaming in pain and not being able to walk. I had noticed he was walking funnily but he’s a crazy dog with his acrobatic antics and just thought he’d hurt himself running for a ball. I took him straight to North Ryde, where we saw Dr Andrew (my personal fave but don’t tell Dr Mark!) This was all during the start of COVID, my Mum had just passed away and I was a mess. Ollie had a bulging disc (IVDD) and with Andrew’s calmness and assurance we were able to manage it with medications and rest, to try and avoid an operation. His sensitivity to what I was going through at the time AND with lockdowns, I’ll never forget. Ollie’s tennis ball games and acrobatics comes to an end as he accepts he’s an old man!

Third issue (Yes, one a year now) was in 2021. Ollie wakes up, runs straight into the wall. He’s suddenly blind in one eye. We again go straight up to North Ryde, where we see Dr Mark Billson, Ophthalmologist. He’s had reoccurring corneal ulcers, that are very difficult to heal. He’s in so much pain that he’s biting me and Mark and anyone that goes near him. Decision is made for an operation and then the fun really begins in getting the eye to heal. We get there slowly besides me having a stint in hospital as he bit right through my finger one night when trying to administer his eye drops. ouch!

It’s now 2022 and he is attacked by a small dog and his SECOND eye is now damaged. I’m still treating his left eye when this happens, so back up to SASH to see Dr Mark and again another operation, Mark’s persistence and patience not only with Ollie but with me as well is commendable (lol!). All these eye drops have caused some dermatitis so we see one of the lovely nurses there for that as well! We are still ongoing with Mark and will be up for another recheck later this month. He has a cataract forming now and I don’t think there is much that can be done. He’s lost about 70% of his eye sight now but still loves his walks and food and living his best old man’s life.

2023 – and my old boy, falls off the bed, can’t move his hind legs. He recovers and gets on with his day but mentioned it to our local vet and Dr Jess suggested SASH again for Hydrotherapy. Last week we had a session with Sports Medicine Specialist, Dr Barry and he’ll start laser and hydrotherapy. We are now trying puppy pilates which is hilarious !

We’ve also seen Dr Julian for his teeth but as he is now showing signs of dementia with sundowning I’m avoiding any more operations unless totally necessary.

I’m extremely lucky having SASH there for support, along with my local vets.

A warning to all pet owners, if you notice something, even small get onto it early and insist on a second opinion if you are aren’t happy with your local vet. If I’d removed his jaw way back in 2019, I doubt Ollie would be alive today.

THANK YOU – to everyone. I know I’m extremely lucky having a tough old man but I’ve done everything I can for him for a happy and healthy life. Thanks, SASH

P.S. I’ve not included all the other trips for bad tummy after eating usual bad things etc as these are too many!! lol. Needless to say, I’m pleased you have opened near us, in Alexandria 

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