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The eagle crash landed

Published on January 25, 2022.
Last Updated April 22, 2022.
Newspaper article featuring SASH
A wedge-tailed eagle with a broken leg had a delicate operation at SASH.

When an exotic patient like Tuross the wedge-tail eagle requires orthopaedic surgery to repair a broken leg, it requires team work from the SASH Avian and Exotics department and the SASH Surgery department.

Dr Melinda Cowan is the only clinical vet in NSW who holds a specialist qualification specifically for avian species. She and her team on assessing Tuross’s health and preparation for surgery. Dr Stephen Fearnside is a Surgery Specialist and one of the country’s leading experts in orthopaedics. He and his team, worked with Dr Melinda’s team in one of SASH’s cutting-edge surgical theatres, with a full media and film crew in tow.

A video report of the article can be viewed on here.

SASH Avian and Surgery teams performing surgery on eagle
Behind the scenes: SASH Avian and Surgery teams performing surgery on Tuross, accompanied by film crew and journalists


The Project did a follow-up on the story, capturing Tuross’s release back into the wild.

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