Bondi Vet: Australian first orthopaedic surgery

Published on January 25, 2022.
Last Updated January 25, 2022.
Surgeons operating on a dog

In this full episode of Bondi Vet, we follow two cases at SASH.

Sunday the three-legged Rottweiler undergoes remarkable procedure to surgically implant a prosthetic leg, a first in Australia. SASH Surgery Specialist Dr Daniel James works together with Associate Professor Munjed Al Munderis, a human Ortheopaedic Surgeon and founder of Osseointegration Group of Australia, the largest osseointegration centre in the world.

A number of lumps are found on Bear the Labrador, with concerns that they could be cancerous. He arrives at SASH for a full body CT scan with Diagnostic Imaging Specialist Dr Richard Lam and Oncology Specialist Dr Veronika Langova.

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