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Heather : Mikayla

Published on December 18, 2023.

Story from Heather : Mikayla

Mikayla is a 14 year old Papillion. She presented with a lump (boil looking in appearance) towards her back left leg.  At first it was thought to be some kind of grass seed that had buried itself, so an operation was performed, but no grass seed present.  As the weeks went on another boil type lump appeared and another operation, again several months later, another operation and still no grass seed present.

Eventually we were referred to SASH for a more detailed inspection. Another operation and a CT scan was performed still showing nothing was present.  These lumps would evolve like a boil and burst open oozing a whitish pus type substance.  Throughout this time she was not unwell.

She was then referred to a Dermatology Specialist at SASH.  After numerous blood cultures it was found she could have an autoimmune problem.  She was then put her on a course of medication which, so far, has been successful.

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