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Hayley : Tilly

Published on January 31, 2024.

Story from Hayley : Tilly

My dog Tilly who was 10 months old started to show unusual signs of not eating, walking slow. Tilly’s usually a playful puppy.  I thought she was just a tired, however a few hours later both of her legs went and she was unable to walk. I called SASH and they asked to bring her in. They then discovered a paralysis tick on her snout. Being a puppy – she had so much fight. However we just caught it in time.

She was on a life support for about 4 days in ICU preparing for the worst with pneumonia starting in her lungs before coming out however it wasn’t the end. Tilly was constantly regurgitating which meant she could choke at any time. However she finally made it out of the woods when she came home. The team at SASH were absolutely amazing, they called me every few hours to update me on her. The communication between the staff is amazing and also stayed positive. If it wasn’t for the staff at SASH I wouldn’t have my bestfriend.

Tilly is my whole life and my best friend she enjoys playing with her ball and toys going for walks and most importantly sleeping in bed with me taking up the whole bed.

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